Dancing doll

Articles Required: One sheet of glass, a little thin paper, silk cloth, two books, a pair of scissors.

Take a piece of thin paper and draw a pretty figure of a doll on it. In height the doll should be a little 'smaller than the thickness of the books you've taken. Keep the two books separately at a distance and place the glass sheet on the top. Put the doll under the sheet. Now rub silk cloth on the glass top.

As the glass is rubbed, it gets electri­cally charged and attracts the doll. The moment your doll touches the sheet, it also gets charged and is repelled. But when it falls down, it's deprived of the charge and, as a result, is again attracted by the glass sheet. So, as long as you keep on rubbing the sheet with silk, this dance will continue.

For better results do two things. First, bend the doll's feet a little and join to the surface on which it's laid. Second, keep the base surface metallic—using aluminium or some other light metal.


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