Pulse moves pin !

Articles Required: A drawing pin and a match.

• You have often noticed the doctors or 'vaidyas' feeling the pulse of their patients to diagnose the dis­eases. In fact, the heart pumps the blood to the various organs of the body through arteries. So, just by" putting the finger at some particu­lar artery, the pulse rate can be gauged. And this helps in the diagnosis.

Just put your fingers at the right place on wrist of your other hand. Can't you feel it? Here we are telling you a magic trick through which you will not only feel but also be able to 'see' it clearly.

Take the match and insert the drawing pin into its back. Make sure that its a pin with a curved top. Now if you put this pin on the -point where you can feel the pulse, the match will move back and forth with every pulse beat. And thus you will not only feel but also 'see' the pulse movement.


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