Water boils in a Paper Pot

Articles Required: A sheet of thick paper, paper-clips, water, fire.

I You've of course seen water boiling in ali kinds of utensiis but when the pot happens to be of paper, things are more than interesting. Doesn't it seem incredible? Well, why don't you try yourself.

As shown in the figure here, make a paper pot wjth the heip of the clips. Now fill it with water and burn a candle under it. Be carefui about one thing. The flame should not reach that part of the pot which is untouched by water.

After some time, the water will start boiling without burning the paper. How does it happen? In fact the water takes away ail the heat before the paper can reach its burning point. The water boils at 212°F and at this temperature it gets con­verted into steam. And as the temperature doesn't go above it, the pot can't reach its ignition point which is much higher than the boil­ing point of water.


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