Robot Speed and Accuracy Using a Light and Touch Sensor


The purpose of this experiment was to determine the effect of various computer programs on a robot’s speed and accuracy.

I became interested in robots many years ago and now I want to know how they actually work. 

The information gained from this experiment might help factory owners and managers who use robotic devices to understand that a robot’s software makes a difference in its performance.


My hypothesis was that the touch sensor would have more speed and accuracy than the light sensor would.

I based my hypothesis on what it said in World Book Encyclopedia 1992.  Most robots use touch sensors to know when to stop without smashing something or not going far enough. 


The constants in this study were: 

-Task robot was given
-Stopwatch used
-Location of experiment

The manipulated variable was the various computer programs. 

The responding variable was the time it took for the robots to do the tasks.

The responding variable was measured by timing the robot with a stopwatch.


Light sensor
touch sensor
robotic programmings


1. Build robot using legos.

2. Equip robot with light sensor and the 5-step programming.

3. Make the robot do the task and time it with the stopwatch.

4. Record time it took to for robot to finish task.

5. Repeat step 2 using the 6-step programming.

6. Repeat steps 3-4.

7. Repeat step 1 using the 7-step programming.

8. Repeat steps 3-4.

9. Repeat step 2 using the touch sensor.

10. Repeat steps 3-8.

The original purpose of this experiment was to find which type of programming would have better speed and accuracy.

The results of the experiment were that the light sensor did better than a touch sensor in both speed and accuracy.


My hypothesis was that the touch sensor would have had more speed and accuracy than the light sensor could.

The results indicate that this hypothesis should be rejected.

Because of the results of this experiment, I wonder if I were to try using a different kind of sensor such as weight sensors or pressure sensors and see which one would be better than the light sensor?

If I were to conduct this project again I would use more tasks and use more than 2 different sensors.  Also I have an idea about using 2 robots instead of one.  I would have used both of them at the same time and tried to find which of them would be faster and I think that timing them this way would be more accurate. 

Researched by ---- Boston P


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