Various Carpet Cleaners on Stains


The purpose of this project was to find out which brand of carpet cleaner removed stain most efficiently.

I became interested in this idea when I watched competing carpet cleaner commercials that all claimed to be the best, so I wanted to find out which really was the best.

The information gained from this experiment could inform consumers about which brand of carpet cleaner would be the best choice to remove their carpet stains best.


My hypothesis was that Resolve brand would remove the stain best.

I based my hypothesis on a science project that was done by Bryanna Bruskland in 2002-2003. Her project title was “The Effect of Carpet Cleaners on Stain Removal”. She said that the whiteness was highest when using Resolve brand.


The constants in this study were:

•    Type and color of carpet

•    Stain mixture

•    Amount of stain used on carpet

•    Size of carpet squares

•    Drying time

•    Amount of carpet cleaner applied

•    Method for using cleaner

•    Method of measuring stain removal

The manipulated variable was the brand of the carpet cleaner.

The responding variable was the amount of stain remaining on the carpet.  

To measure the responding variable, I used the colorimeter at a local lab to determine the whiteness of the carpet squares.


Item Description
10x10cm carpet squares (white)
Bottle of Resolve
Bottle of Woolite
Bottle of Oxi Clean
Knife to cut carpet
Roll of paper towels
Box of Ziploc plastic bags
Black permanent marker
Jug of purple grape juice
Pound of black coffee
Pair of plastic gloves
Large bowl
Ruler (in cm)
Wooden spoon
Ml dropper


1.    Collect all materials.

2.    Mix stain.

             a.    Get large bowl.

   b.    Make 350 ml of black coffee.

  c.    Mix 350 ml black coffee and 250 ml grape juice in bowl with wooden spoon.
3.    Cut carpet squares

             a.    Purchase white carpet.

   b.    Cut into 21 10x10 cm squares.

4.    Stain carpet.

   a.    Take 10 ml stain from bowl with dropper.

             b.    Slowly drop onto center of one carpet square.

            c.    Rub into carpet with finger for 15 seconds.

  d.    Repeat steps B and C on 18 carpet squares (but leave      three control squares unstained).

5.    Clean stained carpet.

           a.    Apply 1.4 ml of cleanser of stain on one carpet square.

            b.    Scrub cleanser for 30 sec. with one paper towel.

           c.    Label square with name of cleanser used.

  d.    Repeat steps A-C on all remaining carpet squares in this group.

 e.    Repeat steps A-D with each of the following cleaners (OC & WOD).

6.    Determine whiteness.

          a.    Take all carpet squares to local laboratory.

            b.    Use colorimeter to determine “L” value for each square.

            c.    Record data.

          d.    Average within each group.


The original purpose of this experiment was to find out which brand of carpet cleaner removed stain most efficiently.

The results of the experiment were that Oxi Clean (67.046 whiteness) worked the best when removing a stain, opposed to Woolite Oxy Deep (67.02 whiteness) and Resolve (66.476 whiteness). 

My hypothesis was that Resolve brand would remove the stain best.

The results indicate that this hypothesis should be rejected, because the Oxi Clean brand removed the stain most efficiently, although the differences were very small.  

After thinking about the results of this experiment, I wonder what the results would be like if I conducted an experiment such as Steam Cleaners vs. Spray-on or Carpet Materials vs. Stain Resistance.

If I were to conduct this project again I would use more carpet squares in each group and test a larger variety of cleaners. I would also use a more difficult stain to remove like red wine, chocolate sauce, or motor oil. I would steam clean the carpet before staining, to remove factory protectants. I would have added one more control, too, and stain it, to compare the stain before to the stain after treatment.

Researched by ------ Cierra P


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